About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure our visitors we have a place to stay as soon as possible without any unfortunate delays from third-party last minute cancellations. We understand how stressful this can be.
Now we work with other hotel/suites resorts to ensure this process is more effective through blueprint software (TM) we have calculated to ensure a new network of hotel channels that will do our best to get your family checked in sooner before 4 PM check-in. With 15 hours from 12 AM / 3/4 PM in a hotel lobby.
You have been referred to a new hotel family.
So now even Hotels don't have to worry of this situation they can now more effectively accommodate your stay through the one 800-number extensions provided.
We focus on not the mass but every family/customers because you are family.

By covering over 1000 hotels over 100 Uber drivers over 1000 different tickets in savings on attractions
Over 100 I-Bikers for a late night for drinks they pick you up from the hotel Bring you back safely.
You now can order food with over 1000 restaurants .
surrounding your hotel area Will be made available at the press of any one ☝️ of our Referred extensions .
I rental cars are available for families that just enjoy the drive not alone we have extended family's group rooms a personal drivers to help u enjoy 😊 your vacation so you can start waiting to start vacation.
Unlike Uber, the person that will be referring you to your hotel destination can be reached through extensions so your family is comfortable never worried about a stranger with a un pleasant attitude.